What is Jeans for Genes?

Jeans for Genes is an appeal dedicated to raising funds that will help children suffering from genetic disorders.

This is how it happens in the UK

In the UK, one day every year everyone is asked to throw out the usual dress rules, jump into their jeans and donate a sum to help this cause. They also come up with zany ideas to raise extra funds, such as competitions and quizzes.

Look at our successes and activity in the UK by visiting the Jeans for Genes UK website on www.jeansforgenesday.com

Many of our supporters now hold their own fundraising events through the year.

Who does Jeans for Genes help?

Jeans for Genes raises funds for research into serious and often life-threatening disorders.

To see one example, please click on 'Genetic Disorders, Living with a Genetic Condition'

We would like to give you a chance to help too! We would like to fund more research worldwide, including projects in the USA. For more details on why and how, just click on the USA button at the top.


Jeans for Genes is a fundraising approach that has successfully raised over $50 million over the last 15 years. The proceeds have been used to fund research, potential cures, alleviation of symptoms and patient support into a wide range of genetic disorders.

$534,129 has been allocated to research in the US in addition to our UK funding and we would like to see research boosted in the USA.

We are actively seeking charities, large and small, to cooperate with and extend the Jeans for Genes fundraising franchise to benefit genetic disorder patients. To find out more contact us now







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