Jeans for Genes in the USA teams up with the American Society of Cellular Gene Therapy (ASCGT)

Gene and cellular therapy is a rapidly advancing field with new technologies emerging year on year and is showing great potential to help people with rare genetic conditions.

In a Jeans for Genes sponsored event we brought together eminent scientists and clinicians to present at an educational symposium at the ASCGT meeting in Washington on May 21st 2010.

The speakers are at the forefront of bringing the promise of gene and cellular therapy to tangible treatments and cures for those affected by rare genetic disorders.

Our aims are to help forge research partnerships and help better instruct students in medical schools and other health venues using the most up to date clinical trials data presented at the meeting.

We hope that by giving information on the latest advances in gene and cell therapy Jeans for Genes will enhance the research mission of physicians and scientists conducting basic and clinical research in areas that will benefit rare genetic conditions.





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